ECOBOIS | How to give a second life to reclaimed lumber.

Converting in beams, furniture, flooring, walls, decorative items, and unique special projects.
Buy and sell reclaimed wood.

In the Field

ECOBOIS finds his wood from deconstruction of old buildings and structures. Since his foundation, Ecobeam recycles this wood with all the preciseness it requires.


ECOBOIS works in a creative way for personal clients, designers and architects. Ecobois can add to wood some details such as old steel, old nails and other elements. The results depend of the client taste, from ultra-modern to rustic look.

Projects/The Shop

ECOBOIS is located in the Laurentians, Quebec, 100 km from Montreal. His shop is well equipped with a large lumber yard, a saw mill, and commercial machines allowing working on small and larger projects. His 30 years experience with recycled wood make Ecobois a choice partner.

Available Wood

Reclaimed wood comes from deconstruction. Ecobois has in his lumber yard a large variety of reclaimed lumber, but availability of essences vary. For each project, Ecobois needs to check immediate availability or check with his many contacts and see if he can get quickly specific requests.

About the owner,
Christian Pellerin

Christian Pellerin first encountered with recycled lumber way before it became a trend. He got hooked in the late 80’s, living in West Canada at this time. After spending 25 fives years in Vancouver, he moved his shop to Quebec in 2002. He brought with him his forward thinking regarding the use of recycle lumber.